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Zanzibar Yacht Charter
Sailing in Zanzibar on a Zanzibar Catamaran 

Zanzibar Yacht Charter
Sailing in Zanzibar on a Zanzibar Catamaran 

Here at Zanzibar Yacht Charter we offering Sailing in Zanzibar on our fleet of Zanzibar catamaran yachts. Charter a Zanzibar catamaran yacht and cruises around the islands of Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba Islands, off the coast of Tanzania.  


Zanzibar Yacht Charter specializes in charter yachts and Zanzibar sailing holidays combined with African safaris, island beach resorts, fishing charter and scuba diving liveaboards to Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba Island. 


Surrounded by a warm ocean and many other islands Zanzibar is a perfect yacht charter island hopping destination. We have a number of Zanzibar catamaran yachts available to charter and explore the islands of Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba off Tanzania’s coastline.

Zanzibar Liveaboard Yacht Charters


  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area

  • The Serengeti

  • Lake Manyara National Park

  • Tarangire National Park

  • Selous Game Reserve

  • Ruaha National Park

  • Mikumi and Udzungwa national parks

  • Katavi National Park

  • Mahale Mountains National Park

  • Zanzibar

  • Mafia Archipelago

  • Pemba Island

   ...and more

Zanzibar Yacht Charter

Zanzibar Catamaran

We have a fleet of Zanzibar catamarans available for a Zanzibar Yacht Charter holiday.


Sailing in Zanzibar

Sailing in Zanzibar is a real adventure. 


Zanzibar offers a lot to see and do, from scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins, idyllic beaches, deep-sea fishing, various water sports, history, cultural tours, spice plantations and lots of bars and restaurant's to enjoy ashore.


Zanzibar Island has over 15 other smaller islands surrounding it, so sailing in Zanzibar on a Zanzibar yacht charter to this paradise island off the coast of east Africa will be a yacht charter holiday to remember!

Zanzibar Yacht Charter - Island Destinations 
Sailing in Zanzibar on a Zanzibar Catamaran

60 different island can be combined in a Zanzibar yacht charter

zanzibar yacht charter

Zanzibar Archipelago

​We have no set itinerary on our Zanzibar Catamaran Cruises, as we prefer to tailor make each experience based on the time of year, guests interests and conditions at the time. We are very flexible.

Depending on how much time you have, we focus on the West coast of Zanzibar. You will get to sail and explore the Menai Bay Conservation Area, in the far south of Zanzibar, Stone Town and the numerous islands, just off the coast of Stone Town and then further north to Kendwa, famous for its water sports and nightlife and then onwards to Tumbatu Island, Nungwi and the famous Mnemba Island.

Zanzibar Yacht Charter

Pemba Island Archipelago

For those with a few more days or a week to spend on charter, we can also include the Pemba Island Archipelago, 6-8 hours sail north of Zanzibar.


Pemba offers a remote private charter experience, where you are unlikely to see any other yachts or tourists!


Pemba Island Archipelago also offers a variety of different islands to explore and though it is similar in size to Zanzibar, it only has five island resorts on the whole islands… so you will have the place virtually to yourself!

zanzibar yacht charter

Mafia Island Archipelago

We also can combine Zanzibar with Mafia Island Archipelago if guests have 7 to 10 days to charter, as Mafia is a 24-hour sail south of Zanzibar.


Most guests prefer to fly to Mafia to meet the yacht there to explore the Mafia Archipelago, and then fly out again, but if you have the time, you can come aboard a yacht in Zanzibar and cruise south to Mafia Island.

Easily combine a Zanzibar Yacht Charter with a beach resort or East African Safari!

East Africa Safaris

Add on a classic Africa Safari to your yacht charter or island resort.

Beach & Bush...its easy!

Zanzibar Yacht Charter

Island Resorts

Relax and enjoy some of the finest island and beach resorts in the

Indian Ocean

zanzibar yacht charter


Tailor Made Just For You!

We can tailor make all our Yacht & Resort and Safari options based on your particular dates of travel, interests, budget, the number of guests, the chosen yacht,  the resort or safari and room type and any special offers that may be applicable during our guests travel dates. 

Zanzibar Yacht Charter
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