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​Zanzibar & Pemba Island Yacht Charter Itineraries

Zanzibar & Pemba Archipelago Yacht Charters: 
3, 5 & 7 Nights Yacht Charter Cruise

Zanzibar and Pemba Island

Pemba Island

Pemba, lying north of Zanzibar is surrounded by exotic coral reefs of every form and description, beautiful smaller islands, deep channels  and exotic white sandy beaches. Its interior is very different from the other islands in the region with gentle, undulating hills and deep verdant valleys covered with dense clove, coconut and mango plantations. 

The Archipelago is made up of a series of smaller islands enclosing an incredible inner sea with islands, reefs, mangrove creeks and deep-water channels. The beautiful outlying islands off Pemba remain completely untouched, with un- trodden sandy beaches. Some have remote villages, others are uninhabited. Spending time on a yacht in these waters is superb, and you can sometimes have the whole place practically to yourself.


Zanzibar Island
The mere mention of the word evokes a sense of mystery and excitement, of pristine white beaches and colourful markets         redolent with the heady aroma of spices that made these islands famous. Whilst being a popular beach destination Zanzibar also offers some wonderful cruising for yacht based charters. Beautiful beaches, gin clear water with an average temperature in the high twenties, year round reliable trade winds all glued together by the incredibly warm Swahili culture makes this a must see destination.


The following is a guideline itinerary only, as we prefer to keep things flexible to match our guests interests and requirements, the mood on the day and optimizing weather and conditions to create the best experience we can. 

Longer charters  are available to combine other areas such as Mafia and Pemba Island  Archipelago. ​

Ask us for a quote.


You can easily add on a beach resort  or a safari to this cruise and then you have a Sail & Safari!


A unique combination, ONLY available here in East Africa!


7 Nights

Day 1: Stone Town to Mangwapani
Day 2: Mangwapani / Tambatu Island
Day 3: Kendwa and Nungwi
Day 4: Mnemba Island Coral Atoll
Day 5: Mnemba Island to Misali Island.

Day 6: Pemba Archipelago & Misali Island.

Day 7: Pemba Archipelago & Misali Island.
Day 8: Return to Nungwi


5 Nights

Day 1: Nungwi

Day 2: Mnemba Island

Day 3: Mnemba Island to Pemba Island

Day 4: Pemba Island

Day 5: Misali Island

Day 6: Return to Nungwi


3 Nights

  • Day 1: Nungwi to Mnemba Island

  • Day 2: Mnemba Island to Misali Island

  • Day 3: Misali Island

  • Day 4: Return to Nungwi 

Day 1: Stone Town to Mangwapani

We start with the guests boarding the vessel in Stone Town, a world heritage site recognized as the oldest Arabian city still functioning today.

We will cruise west to some small islands and sandbanks just off shore from Stone Town for your first snorkel.


The we head north exploring the islands like Chapwani and Changu Island where there is a giant turtle sanctuary. Go ashore and see these beautiful creatures some over 100 years old, do some snorkelling.

We will find an overnight anchorage for the night.

Day 2: Mangwapani / Tambatu Island
Mangwapani was a favourite hideaway for old time slavers trying to avoid the British anti-slavery fleet.


Today the site boasts two hotels and a pristine beach.
A short walk away is the cave that once housed those poor souls who were unfortunate enough to have been captured as slaves.

Tambatu Island, one of the few islands in the world where Voodoo is still practiced. Just south of Tambatu is a wonderful sheltered bay that often has a pod of dolphins cavorting around it. It’s also a great place to explore on Kayaks.

Day 3: Kendwa and Ras Nungwi
Kendwa is one of the world’s top beaches and is Ras Nungwi, the northern most tip of Zanzibar is a delightful fishing village.

Here one can witness traditional dhows being built in a manner that has been unchanged for nearly a thousand years. There is also a turtle sanctuary.

There is a good vibe here with good beach front restaurants and beach bars with live music, so if you feel like heading a shore and enjoying the night life, you can.

Our yachts are anchored just 100 meters off the beach at Nungwi which is a popular place for people to enjoy the sunset.

Day 4: Mnemba Island Coral Atoll
From Nungwi the plan will be to head around the northern tip of Zanzibar to Mnemba Island Atoll. En-route, we will through some fishing lines out and hope to catch fresh fish for lunch or dinner.

This is a breathtaking place, and although the island itself is private and does not allow day visitors on the actual island, we are allowed to anchor there for the day or overnight and enjoy the reefs and atolls.

Enjoy snorkeling right off the yacht, kayak, try Stand up paddle boarding, play music, dance, enjoy cold drinks and relax.

It’s a piece of heaven and with the snorkelling reefs directly under the yacht, so you can literally just flop over the side of the yacht to see the fish.

Day 5 - 7: Pemba Archipelago & Misali Island.
We will set off after breakfast and head out across the channel to Pemba Island. It is about a 5 hour sail, so we will put the fishing lines out again and hope we catch fresh fish. Pemba is a place that time forgot. There are only 3 lodges in the entire archipelago, which is almost the same size as Zanzibar so you are unlikely to see any other visitors. There are dozens of remote anchorages, no light pollution no noise. Its magical. If guests are in the mood we can go to Fundu Lagoon. There is a luxury beach lodge there and they are very welcoming of our guests to come and spend some time there, have drinks or lunch, use the swimming pool and even do some scuba diving if you wish.
The Misali Island Conservation area and Misali is an uninhabited island, and offers some of the richest reefs and marine life in the world. We anchor about 50 metres from the beach on the reef drop off and the snorkeling and diving is amazing and is available right off the beach or yacht. The island is also home to the Pemba Flying Fox and to the globally endangered large Coconut Crabs. In the evenings we will light a fire on the beach and enjoy a beach BBQ and dinner under the stars.

We will set sail for Nungwi again to arrive in the evening of day 7. Guests can go ashore to enjoy the beach bars and restaurants on the last night or stay aboard the yacht.

Day 8: Nungwi - End of Charter

Disembark in the morning at Nungwi Beach.

Transfer to the airport or your next destination.

Add on a Safari!



Add on a safari to Southern or East Africa for the experience of a life time!


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