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Zanzibar Catamaran
Sailing in Zanzibar

Zanzibar Catamaran

Charter a Zanzibar Catamaran and go sailing in Zanzibar

​Zanzibar is part of an archipelago with 18 different smaller islands, all relatively close to each other, making it a fantastic yacht charter destination.


Our Zanzibar Catamaran charters depart from two bases, in the North at Nungwi, or in the south from Stone Town. Our fleet of sailing and motor charter catamarans are all fully crewed with skipper, chef and deck hand.

On our Zanzibar Catamaran charters, we can take you to remote islands where you will see no other yachts or you can make the most of the wide variety of things to see and do on Zanzibar’s main island. The choice is yours.​

We have no set itinerary on our Zanzibar Catamaran charters as we prefer to tailor-make each experience based on the time of year, guest’s interests and conditions at the time. We are very flexible.

Charter a Zanzibar Catamaran for a fishing or scuba diving liveaboard cruise or an island-hopping cruise around Zanzibar.

Things to do onboard

  • Island Visits

  • Snorkelling

  • Fishing

  • Kayaking

  • SUPS

  • Big Game Fishing

  • Whale & Dolphin Watching

  • Swim with Dolphins

  • Scuba Diving

  • Sailing

  • Kite Surfing

Things to do on land

  • Explore Stone Town

  • Spice Plantation Tours

  • Historical Tours

  • Culture Tours

  • Nature & WildLife exursions

  • Jozini Forest

  • Bars

  • Restaurants

  • Quad Bikes

  • Water Sports

There is alot to see and do!

Zanzibar Catamaran

We have a fleet of Catamarans available to charter!

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Sailing in Zanzibar offers you a lot to experience!

Sailing in Zanzibar

Sailing in Zanzibar off the East Coast of Tanzania, offers an amazing yacht charter destination with over 60 islands that make up the Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Archipelago.

Zanzibar has always been known to be the perfect place to unwind after a safari or trek up Kilimanjaro, or simply a romantic destination for honeymooners. What is not as widely known about these islands is that they are also an amazing yacht charter destination too.

These islands are home to some of the world's critically endangered species - red colobus monkeys, bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks, dugong and even the ancient coelacanth, which scientists thought disappeared off the face of Earth with the dinosaurs! 

Sailing in Zanzibar and its surrounding islands makes for a perfect yacht charter and offers plenty of things to do.  From the active Watersports like, diving and snorkelling, water-skiing, jet skiing, parasailing to swimming with dolphins, or taking a leisurely sunset cruises.

The water is warm, beaches are beautiful, excursions are numerous and historic Stone Town, the archipelago's capital, is a hub of activity – with an ancient culture and town to explore, old stone crumbling buildings with elaborate doors and balconies, narrow streets teeming with bazaars and bicycles, a wonderful marketplace, old sultans palaces and the sites of the infamous slave trade.


As a World Heritage Site, Stone Town is a memorable place to visit!

Cruise Routes

​We have no set itinerary on our Zanzibar Catamaran Cruises, as we prefer to tailor make each experience based on the time of year, guests interests and conditions at the time. We are very flexible.

Depending on how much time you have, we focus on the West coast of Zanzibar. You will get to sail and explore the Menai Bay Conservation Area, in the far south of Zanzibar, Stone Town and the numerous islands, just off the coast of Stone Town and then further north to Kendwa, famous for its water sports and nightlife and then onwards to Tumbatu Island, Nungwi and the famous Mnemba Island.




With its myriad of alleys and shops, Shangani Street offers guests the opportunity to get their shopping fix! The streets are too narrow for cars to fit, which creates a romantic and ancient feel to this culturally colourful town. Wander into the old town and see how ancient carpentry and carving techniques are still used. Visit the Palaces and Grand Colonial Houses and get a feel for Zanzibar’s long and dramatic history. The architecture is Swahili, Arab, Persian, Indian, European and Africa, forming an eclectic but attractive mix of houses and buildings.

Stone Town is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and rightly so since it is full of history. This buzzing little town is infectious, and well worth a visit, as a true demonstration of the variety of cultures and races which have influenced East Africa over the years.



Zanzibar’s many sheltered Islands offer calm anchorages with countless coral gardens and pristine tropical beaches to explore. Off Stone Town lies Changuu Island (Prison Island) with its endangered Giant Tortoises, definitely worth a visit. Snorkel the fantastic reefs off Bawe Island as well as the abundant Marine Conservation Area of Chumbe Island.



Further south past the Fumba Peninsula lie the islands of Menai Bay. Marvel at the splendour and beauty of this area and if you are lucky swim with dolphins and explore several uninhabited smaller islands.



This stunning area provides some fantastic SCUBA Diving opportunities. Furthermore, the snorkelling is world class and the reefs and drop offs provide fantastic fishing opportunities too. The visual splendour of Mnemba Island and its surrounding Atoll is in itself an experience of a lifetime!



The bustling and vibrant beach village of Nungwi is a great location for guests wanting to go ashore. Must see attractions include a visit to the Mnarani Turtle Aquarium, a visit to the Dhow Builders, or enjoy great music and sundowners at the many restaurants and bars that make Nungwi the vibrant village it is.



If your timing is right (Full Moon) and you are in the mood for a party, a visit to Kendwa, which lies a short sail south from Nungwi, is a must! This is the home of the Kendwa Rocks Full Moon Party which starts off with Ngoma Dancers, acrobats and musicians performing on the white sandy beaches of Kendwa. Guests are welcome to join in the fun in true African Style!



From Nungwi we sail south down the west coast of Zanzibar. Past the cultural areas of Tumbatu Island, Mkokotoni Harbour and Mangapwani. At Mangapwani a cultural visit ashore is a must to see the slave caves of Zanzibar’s dramatic past.

Best time to go?

  • Mid Dec to End Feb -  Best charter areas N Zanzibar and Pemba Archipelago west coast and south. 

  • March April calm with flat seas and hot. Cruising everywhere is fantastic

  • May calm seas but usually some rain about. Still not a bad time to be cruising as cool with calm seas.

  • June through to end Sept -  Best charter areas Pemba North and West Coast. 

  • Oct through to mid Dec. Fantastic time, calm seas, good fishing, hot and cruising all areas is fantastic

How to get there?

  • International Flight direct to Stone Town (Zanzibar Island)

  • Meet and greet at the airport

  • Road Transfer to your hotel or resort if you have pre-charter nights booked, or directly to Nungwi or to Stone Town beach front to meet crew and transfer by dingy to yacht.

Sail & Safari

A short light aircraft flight can connect an East African safari to a

Zanzibar Yacht Charter - on the same day!

Image by Patrick Baum

Luxury Island Resorts

Combining the luxury island resorts on Zanzibar Island Archipelago with a yacht charter is dead easy.​

There is a huge selection to choose. From 5-Star all-inclusive resorts to private beach villas and more.

Island Resorts

We offer packages that combine our yachts with dozens of resorts and lodges on Zanzibar. So speak to us about the options available that match your budget.

​We can also offer a door-to-door service where we can meet our guests straight off the beach at many of the Zanzibar resort. It is a real adventure!

​On a Zanzibar Catamaran charter holiday you can be at a luxury Zanzibar island resort in the morning and on a luxury yacht in the afternoon!

Image by Sasha Kaunas
Image by Humphrey Muleba

A taste of things to come!

Explore the area.

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