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Yacht charters to the famous island of the Zanzibar Archipelago, located about 25 miles off the mainland coast of Tanzania. Charter a yacht for a fishing or scuba diving liveaboard cruise or go island hopping around Zanzibar 

Spice Islands of Zanzibar 

The Zanzibar islands, off the East Coast of Tanzania, have always been known to be the perfect place to unwind after a safari or trek up Kilimanjaro, or simply a romantic destination for honeymooners. What is not as widely known about these islands, is that they are also an amazing yacht charter destination with over 60 islands that make up the Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Archipelago.


These islands are home to some of the world's critically endangered species - red colobus monkeys, bottlenose dolphins, whalesharks, dugong and even the ancient coelecanth which scientists thought disappeared off the face of Earth with the dinosaurs! 


Zanzibar and its surrounding islands  are perfect for yacht charters and offer plenty to do - from the active watersports, diving and snorkelling, to swimming with dolphins, or taking a leisurely sunset cruise.  The water is warm, beaches are beautiful, excursions are numerous and historic Stone Town, the archipelago's capital, is a hub of activity - old stone crumbling buildings with elaborate doors and balconies, and narrow streets teeming with bazaars and bicycles, a wonderful marketplace, old sultans palaces and the site of the infamous slave trade.

Zanzibar Yacht Charters

Zanzibar is an archipelago of over 20 different  islands, all relatively close by making it a fantastic yacht charter destination. All our yachts are fully crewed and are available to charter on a fully inclusive basis.  We can take you to remote islands where you will see no other yachts or you can make the most of the wide variety of things to see and do on Zanzbuar main island. The choice is yours.

We have no set itinerary although we do have example cruises in this website, but we prefer to tailor make each experience based on the time of year, guests interstes and condtions at the time. We are very flexible.

Sail & Safari Zanzibar

A short light aircraft flight can connect East African safaris to a Zanzibar Yacht Charter.

Tulia Luxury Resort Zanzibar.jpg



Combining the luxury island resorts on Zanzibar Island Archipelago with a safari  or a yacht charter is dead easy.

There is a huge selection to choose, from 5 Star all inclusive resorts to private beach villas and more.


We offer packages that combine our yachts with dozens of resorts and lodges on Zanzibar. So speak to us about the options.

We offer a door to door service. We meet our guests straight off the beach at the Zanzibar resort. Its a real adventure!

You can be at a luxury Zanzibar island resort in the morning and on a luxury yacht in the afternoon!



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